A Risky Rescue!

Hello folks! Here is the continuation to the The Spoilt Child adventure.

After the fight with the halfling that was disguised as the Baron’s son, the heroes fail to go after him because he put some challenges for them and ran away by boat to the Baron’s Fortress uphill.

They return to the village and the townsfolk ask them about all the prisoners the halfling made. There were no prisoners in the mansion and now the townsfolk (knowing there is a way inside the cave to the Baron’s Fortress) want to go rescuing them. This task will not be an easy one!

The Heroes will need a raft/boat to go there.

The river goes for 18km under the mountain and the trip is fairly quiet. The issues start when they arrive at their destination.


The Baron's Dungeon
The Baron’s Dungeon


Tips for the DM/GM:

Place monsters in the cave section of the map. In the Secret room in the cave there are soldiers listening to any noises the Heroes make and ready to attack. Do not make the journey to the cell block easy.

Place guards and wardens at will in the way to the cell block. There are many prisoner’s here. But not the ones the heroes want. They may free them if they want but have to take the risk of being attacked by some of them.

The arrested villagers will be in the Dangerous Prisoners area. Heavily guarded by the halfling’s soldiers. The heroes will have to escort the prisoners back to the village through the river by boat before going up to the fortress if they want to be successful in dominating it.

I’ll post the map of the fortress in the week.


Happy Adventuring!!

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