A raid to the fortress

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Had a rough time with my ISP last week but now I’m back with the last part of the adventure series I started with The Spoilt Child and continued with A Risky Rescue!

Now the heroes will proceed to raid the Baron’s fortress after rescuing the villagers in the Baron’s dungeon.

Located on the edge of a mountain chain there is a fortress built long ago to be an escape/defense route for the barony.

The place is not in a very good condition since the Baron died. The soldiers are now a bit scared because of the heroes efforts in restoring peace to the village on the other side of the mountain. But the heroes should not expect an easy raid here. Beside the halfling that escaped from the mansion are his elite soldiers plus his army of animated armors and, of course, his chimera pet.

The heroes must come with a raiding strategy. It is probable that they decide to invade the place at night coming from the dungeon area to make the task easier for them.

Let’s get to the map of the place:

The Baron's Fortress
The Baron’s Fortress


The building has 2 stories. The ground floor is the main area of the building. There is a 10m wall around the castle and in the balcony there are always soldier archers on watch. Four Animated armors guard the Entrance hall and  another four are roaming through the Deployment hall, Meeting room and Armory. There are 15 soldiers and two lieutenants in the barracks area of the castle.

I suggest increasing difficulty of the encounters if the heroes come by daylight or of they mess up and draw too much attention on their way in.

On the Second Floor there are the main point of interest here. The Baron’s Study where the halfling will be and the Baron’s Room and Secret room where the halfling keeps very valuable treasures.

There are 10 soldiers, a Lieutenant and the Baron’s general here guarding the area. Since there is an observation balcony, the lower rank soldiers will be there when the heroes arrive and only the lieutenant and the general will be inside the hall leading to the Barons’s Study. The halfling will be in their waiting with his pet and there will be another 2 Animated Armors and 2 Helmed Horrors.

The halfling will come full power with his magic and allies to defend himself since there is no escape route this time.

The time has come for the heroes to lipsync…oops… FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES!!



Happy adventuring!

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