The Spoilt Child

People from a decadent barony are complaining about the child of a dead Baron’s demands. The situation is unbearable. The only problem is: This child has some dark secrets!

The last time the city folk tried to raid the Baron’s mansion to demand the nonsensical child’s wishes to stop they were surprised not by an army or something of the sort. They were attacked by monsters and had to deal with a series of challenges and traps to enter the property. When they got in, the kid had a cruel surprise for them: He summoned a Chimera to defend him! It looks like the monster was his pet and obeyed all the kid’s orders as the survivors of the raid tell the heroes around the small town.

The protests intensified when the said Baron’s son raised all the taxes the people has to pay to an impossible amount. He is also demanding that the townspeople fulfill his eccentric food cravings and all his other stupid wishes. The community leader decided to call for aid as they are powerless to make the situation change.

About the Baron’s Mansion:

The Baron's Mansion Map
The Baron’s Mansion Map

The property is at the north of the city. Surrounded by a deep river infested with carivorous fish by the Baron long ago. The main walking entrance is through a labyrinth. the other way is through the river itself but it crosses a rocky mountains from underneath to a point 50 km to the west and is heavily guarded in the entrance there (the entrance to the river tunnel is at in the old Baron’s castle up in the mountains (not shown in the map provided here). Food and supplies the townspeople bring here are let in front of the labyrinth’s entrance to the care of the Baron’s son’s servants. No one is allowed inside the property.


Entrance of the Baron's Mansion
Entrance of the Baron’s Mansion

Inside the labyrinth place traps at dead ends/corridors of your choice (the main goal of the blog is to provide ideas after all). Three Hell Hounds live at the Labyrinth and will attack the heroes if they spot them. There are 2 hidden chests here under the floor tiles. Feel free to place plant-like monsters in the Labyrinth. Twigs, Dryads and Fungi are a good example of monsters to use here.

After the hereoes cross the labyrinth they arrive at the mansion itself. Before entering the Mansion they will have to face the Gargoyles that were sitting there waiting for intruders.

Mansion Frontyard
Mansion Frontyard


Inside the Mansion:

Mansion 1F
Mansion 1F

The opulence of the décor is stunning. As usual the Baron lived a wealthy life at the expense of the townspeople and his “son” is continuing the tradition. When the servants see the commotion outside they will flee to their alcoves in B1. The house will be guarded by Helmed Horrors that roam through the halls and are in the rooms 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 of the first floor. You can also put all sorts of Animated objects to challenge the heroes (Animated armors in room 3, for example.

Here is a full list of the rooms and brief descriptions:

  1. Entrance Hall
  2. Library
  3. Arsenal
  4. Empty room
  5. Meeting room
  6. Meeting room (with fireplace and access to Winter Garden)
  7. Winter Garden
  8. Dining room
  9. Food Storage
  10. Kitchen
  11. Food Storage
  12. Food Storage (Dry goods)
  13. Coat Closet
  14. Hidden Stairs (Behind Dragon Statue)
  15. Access to servants alcoves / Wine Cellar (B1)

Here is the map of the Wine cellar/Alcoves area:

Wine Cellar / Alcoves
Wine Cellar / Alcoves

The Baron’s Son won’t be here. He is in the upper level.

Mansion 2F
Mansion 2F


This is floor has the bedrooms and the Baron’s son’s accomodations. Here is the list with the descriptions:

  1. Upper hall (access to 1F)
  2. Private rooms hall
  3. Empty room
  4. Empty room
  5. Empty room
  6. Bedroom
  7. Bedroom
  8. Bedroom
  9. Bathroom
  10. Bathroom
  11. Servants working room (has a food elevator connected to the 1F kitchen)
  12. Library
  13. Bedroom
  14. Bedroom
  15. Special library (has a secret passage at eastern end of the room. It opens removing some certain book from the shelf – place traps here as you will)
  16. Rare book library (has a secret passage at eastern end of the room. It opens removing some certain book from the shelf – A trap is set here to trigger a poison dart device in case the heroes remove the wrong book from the shelf)
  17. Private hallway
  18. Private empty room (has 3 Animated armors)
  19. Baron’s son’s lab/office
  20. Baron’s son’s room (has a secret passage through the fireplace leading to the Underground Passage)
  21. Bathroom
  22. Treasure room (hidden by a secret door in room 35 and traps)

Upon getting to the Baron’s son’s room, he will summon his Chimera pet and start attacking the heroes. He will sit behind commanding the pet while telling the heroes the following story:

“Finally someone was able to get where no one was ever been able to. I’ll explain who i am. I’m a halfling. Yes, i’m not son of the Baron. In fact i killed him long ago. “

“You see… it was quite easy to pretend to be a child and trick a needy old man. All i had to do was put on some ragged clothes and make up and jump in front of his carriage begging for food hahahahahahahaha………..”

“Now you’ll have to deal with my baby!!!”

When the heroes deplete half of the Chimera’s HP he will make a run for the hole inside the Fireplace and disappear. The Chimera will sustain 3 mor rounds of attacks and disappear in a cloud of smoke and sparks.

The heroes may want to follow him and go down the shaft inside the fireplace (there is only space for thin/small people to go down. If they succeed in going down, they will be in the next area:


Underground Tunnel
Underground Tunnel


As soon as the heroes enter the Underground tunnel through the fireplace passage, the halfling will detonate charges imploding the narrow tunnel’s walls stopping making it impossible to go further. The heroes may choose to search for another way in if they did not discover the passage behind the dragon statue.

If they go through the passage behind the statue they will have to face a Galeb Durh in the area. If they take too long to find the entrace or to defeat the monster, they will only be able to see the halfling Summoner get away by boat through the undergound river.

Note: You can use some Summoner class archetype you find suitable for your scenario/campaign setting.


It is a big map and some ideas to use it. You are free to change background story/setting as you will.


Happy Adventuring!

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