The Cultists

Some young women went missing and the heroes are called to solve the mystery!

Up in the mountains near a city there is a long abandoned cult site. The monks who used to live there are long gone but in the past months the townsfolk started seeing signs the ruins of the old tower are being used somehow.

The girls started to disappear from their homes some 3 months ago. Their parents are desperate.

Here is the layout of the Cultists hideout:

Place some monsters in the way to the entrance cave.

08-07-2016 WT BG

Idea for the map use:

Inside the temple, put some low-level wizards in the “cave” part. There is a river flowing inside the cave. In order to enter the actual temple, the heroes must find a way to cross the water (either to the east where there is a secret passage or to the south where they will be able to take a glimpse of the stairs ahead. 2016-07-08 17-30-03

The tower after the river room is demolished. The heroes will be subject to attack by a giant domesticated eagle that is nested in there and is used by the cultists as a defense measure. 2016-07-08 17-30-34

Place more wizards and warlocks in the way to the temple aided by some cleric to make things harder for the heroes. If the heroes capture some cultist and argue him, he will reveal that the young women are deep inside the temple and their superiors are torturing them and intend to perform a ritual.

The Temple: The rooms in the north of the map are hidden by false doors. The Cultists plan to sacrifice a girl or more by night until they summon some creature. If the heroes get there in time, they will be able to free the her without no harm. If they take too long to get there and/or cause too much confusion in their way there, they will arrive after the ritual is held and will have to deal with some powerful entity of your choice (the cultists performing the ritual will be killed by the creature and the heroes won’t have to deal with them). 2016-07-08 17-31-20

In the cells there are 6 girls. They will be extremely scared because they’ve been tortured in the rom beside the cells by the warden and the cultists. The warden will be in his office when the heroes arrive at the temple. If the cultists die to the creature summoned, he will come out and be eaten as well. Otherwise the heroes will have to deal with him before freeing the captive women. 2016-07-08 17-31-48

If the heroes choose to explore more after freeing the girls they will be able to find the treasure room guarded by 2 fighters (place at least one magical item there). 2016-07-08 17-32-09

Happy adventuring!


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