The Beginning…

I am born
I am me
I am new
I am free
Look at me
I am young
Sight unseen
Life unsung
(Rush – The Fountain of Lamneth)




After many years out of it RPG has touched me again. Inspiration takes me over again and i what to share it, if possible. My work is yet too small. But we gotta start somewhere.

My preferred system is D&D (in its various iterations) and i connect myself a lot with its play style. I’m very fond of Sci-Fi , airships and things of this sort so hope to see much of it here. Things inspired by Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Star Ocean…

I’ll post maps, quests and adventure ideas. Inspired by this guy here: Dyson’s Dodeachedron, (He is a dungeon map creative monster), I’ll post my simple maps and some other stuff. Competition is not my goal. His art is fantastic. And i still don’t know if I’ll post mainly in portuguese or english yet… RPG is a niche game and I want to expand my work the most so english may be the language I adopt later.

Well, this is it for now. Suggestions and comments, please send them below.



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